Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fog Run

It has been super foggy where I live! Holy moly. I've been making sure to wear my reflective gear even in the daylight. This is my hair after a 10 mile run.
There's so much humidity in the air with the fog that my hair is freaking out. All of my clothes were pretty much soaked through as well. 10 miles yesterday at about 8:55/mile. Not super speedy, but hopefully I'm saving that up for my race this weekend!

I drank this post run
It was a bit chalky with the protein but mostly tasted like apple juice. 
The girl child was sick all last week so that meant treadmill running :-/ 
And it was definitely the opposite of cold! 

We had 2 birthday parties yesterday and we figured out how to finally help Lukey skate!

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