Saturday, January 3, 2015

Better Run

We did 6 miles of intervals on Tuesday and what was supposed to be 5 easy miles (8:45ish) on Friday turned out to be more like 8:10ish because we were both feeling good. Yay, especially after our long run last week!

We celebrated New Year's with the east coast ball drop! 
This is such a great idea if you live on the west coast!

Then we spent New Year's Day at Magic Mountain for the hubs' 35th. 
It was so cold! There was ice everywhere and it took quite a while for the rides to start running because of the cold and ice. 

This was one of his gifts 
And he got a much needed massage and a shrimp taco dinner last night. It's a little crazy to think that I have spent 16 of his birthdays with him! That's almost half his life! 

Tomorrow, we have 13 miles planned. Fingers crossed we don't die!

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