Saturday, January 31, 2015

Race Recap

The hubs and I decided to run a 1/2 today in town so that we can use it as training for a 1/2 on 3-1-15. We both PR'd. The hubs finished at 1:47 and I was at 1:48:18. 

Before the race:
After the race:
And my unofficial time:
And the breakdown:
Miles 1-5 were fast! I slowed down a bit at mile 5 because I had to pee, there was supposed to be a porta potty at the 10K turnaround but I would have had to back track to get there so I kept running. At about mile 7, I thought my stomach was going to explode and thankfully I was able to hit the porta potty at mile 9. The race was called "A Riverbed Runs Through It" and for some crazy reason I assumed it was along our local bike path, but it was actually on the trail closer to the riverbed (Duh!) Miles 9-11 were in soft sand. 12-13 were okay. My foot is now super pissed off and I'm praying a few days of rest will do it good. A sore foot was kind of worth the PR though ;)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fog Run

It has been super foggy where I live! Holy moly. I've been making sure to wear my reflective gear even in the daylight. This is my hair after a 10 mile run.
There's so much humidity in the air with the fog that my hair is freaking out. All of my clothes were pretty much soaked through as well. 10 miles yesterday at about 8:55/mile. Not super speedy, but hopefully I'm saving that up for my race this weekend!

I drank this post run
It was a bit chalky with the protein but mostly tasted like apple juice. 
The girl child was sick all last week so that meant treadmill running :-/ 
And it was definitely the opposite of cold! 

We had 2 birthday parties yesterday and we figured out how to finally help Lukey skate!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Favorites

I am currently switching out between 2 shoes: Brooks Trancends and Saucony ISO Hurricanes.
I am trying to keep my PF happy and switching out between these shoes seems to help. I have also been using Dr. Scholl's inserts for heel pain in my work shoes 
It's been hovering in the 45 degree range in SoCal, so typically that means I wear tights, a long sleeve, and sometimes a light fleece depending on the intensity of the run. I also wear a headband/ear warmer, which I usually take off about 1/2 way into my run. I tend to heat up fairly fast and I don't like to be super hot. I am really digging the C9 Premium line at Target. I have a friend who is an athletic wear/shoe tester and writer and he said the C9 brand compares well with the much more expensive/exclusive brands. 
These are my current leggings:
And for my tops, I am wearing C9's that I bought like 3 seasons ago, but I like that they have the thumb holes and the current line does not. I am also wearing Lulu's Run Swiftly long sleeve crew:
And my headband looks like this: 
I have also tried several different socks, even the $15/pair ones from the shoe store and I keep going back to Targets. Even the hubs buys the girl's athletic socks :) 
And then of course, there is the new watch:
I am pretty much in love with this thing! I also use Jaybirds earphones about 1x a month. I don't run with earbuds in when I'm running with other people, which these days is almost every time. When I use the earphones, I love them.

Friday, January 16, 2015

This Happened

It's been crazy busy around these parts. I picked up an extra class over Christmas Break, so no more prep time during the day for me. I may have even fallen asleep twice after work this week... 

My foot is still a little angry. Some days are better than others, but I have a new motivation for running!
So far, I love this baby! My top 3 fave features are: 1. The backlight stays on! This is awesome for running in the dark. 2. It automatically syncs with my phone. 3. I can set an alert to tell me if I am going too fast or too slow. And yeah, one more! I can program my intervals into it. 

We did an adventure run last night with our local shoe store! So fun, and B Man won the raffle :)
The hubs and I have 12 miles tomorrow and this is definitely on my play list 
Then it's off to Magic Mountain with the littles!

Have a fun weekend y'all!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Better Run

We did 6 miles of intervals on Tuesday and what was supposed to be 5 easy miles (8:45ish) on Friday turned out to be more like 8:10ish because we were both feeling good. Yay, especially after our long run last week!

We celebrated New Year's with the east coast ball drop! 
This is such a great idea if you live on the west coast!

Then we spent New Year's Day at Magic Mountain for the hubs' 35th. 
It was so cold! There was ice everywhere and it took quite a while for the rides to start running because of the cold and ice. 

This was one of his gifts 
And he got a much needed massage and a shrimp taco dinner last night. It's a little crazy to think that I have spent 16 of his birthdays with him! That's almost half his life! 

Tomorrow, we have 13 miles planned. Fingers crossed we don't die!