Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas Running

Our break started with a 49er game
Someone missed us while we were away

Then Star Wars

Gingerbread houses with the cousins 

Then Chinese food with the in-laws for Christmas Eve
And Christmas lunch at our house. I don't know why I become such a stress ball over the holidays, I really had to pray over my mood and anxiety. I find that I run much more when I am stressing. My plan called for 11 miles this week and I'm at 25. Does anyone else do this?

Christmas is officially cleaned up and today is most definitely a rest day! 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week in Running

I took 2 rest days this week instead of 1. I needed to catch up on zz's after my traveling adventures :) 
The hubs and I are out of town for a 49ers game so I will be running the next 2 days in Santa Clara! 
Here's to a kid free weekend


I spent my birthday weekend with my two BFFs in Texas. It started by almost not making it in time for our flight, calling Uber from our parking structure, and crying through security. But we made it!!
Friday morning we hit up Cafe Cappucino and got a pancake bigger than my head! Then we headed to Magnolia. We even saw Joanna's mama! 
We hit up a store called Spice and they had several different vendors inside with all kinds of fun stuff and I left with a new Vera Bradley purse and a TX necklace.
Followed by a quick 3 miler through Baylor's campus.
That night we got tacos and queso at Fuegos and walked around downtown and ate some more

Waco is prettier than I expected
Saturday we did a lot of the same and another run through Baylor (7 miles).

Sunday was my big 34!! We spent the day in Austin, which wasn't as pretty as I expected, but we did get the best BBQ ever!
And of course we finished off the bday weekend by splitting cupcakes! Best birthday tradition ever!
Monday was an uneventful 11 hours of traveling home, yay! Now it's time to get ready for Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Race Results

First, our outfits.
Braden is almost too much!

It was a tough day for little man. He went out too fast and burned out. He still made it in 28:36! Hubs got 3rd at 24:27. His goal was sub 25! 

I managed to hit 2 of my 3 goals! This whole 5k thing is a totally different animal than a 1/2 or a full. I can usually find my comfortable pace within the first 3 miles , but there is no comfortable pace in a 5k. I took a small walk break at about 2.25 miles because I was starting to hyperventilate, so I need to figure out this whole breathing while running fast. Next goal :)

1st and 3rd place for the Mooneys

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Race Nerves

We took our xc team to Six Flags and an end of year celebration. 
They are such a great group of kids! We have 6 graduating and they will be missed deeply, but we are so proud of them! 

I signed the hubs, me, and B Man up for a 5k today. Let's talk goals. My last (and 1st) 5k time was 22:34. My goal today is 22:00, my 2nd goal is no stopping (I blew my nose last time), my 3rd goal is to only have positive thoughts during the race! 

The race is at 2:30 so we have a few hours to figure out a Santa consume and an Elf costume for B! Here's what I'm thinking:

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My first competitive 5k

The last 2 weeks have pretty much sucked. There's been a bit of work drama, parent drama, runner drama, I'm sick and I'm emotional because it's the end of the season (cross country) and our team captains are seniors and they seem so irreplaceable right now. I honestly had no idea how close my runners would become. One girl summed it up well, "you guys are our moms! You love us, you push us, you chastise us." It's amazing what being with this group of people 5-6 days/week for 4 months can do. I'm beyond excited to see what our seniors go off and do! Oh, and we had a 3rd place girl who's moving on to state. Our girls were 5th overall in the valley, which is amazing!

Here's one of my runners that ran the turkey trot with us (way in front of us!) today!
Braden got 25:43!!
I finished 22:34. I felt horrible! I've been fighting a nasty cold and I even stopped to blow my nose! This 5k business is no joke! I got 1st in my age group, along with B Man!
It was a successful day!
Now we're off to party with my mama for her 70th!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day

It's been such a weird week! Friday was our black light rally, which the hubs, my co-coach, and I all danced in
And Mady received an award at school the same day. I couldn't miss work but I did her hair and we took her and her girls out for yogurt after school 
Saturday was xc and I was at a training Mon-Tues, off for Veterans Day on Wed, and missing Thurs for xc league. Eek. Crazy week! 
We are tapering for league so fun workouts Tues-Wed
The middle wants to run with me and my team this morning, so that should be interesting ;) And then we are planning on hitting up Rush Air for 90 min of trampoline jumping! 


We've had several tough workouts the last two weeks because season is coming to an end. We ran hill repeats (7.5 miles of them) and it rained the entire time. The rain wasn't bad until we were done and had to wait for our bus. We all did extra just to stay warm and this is how some of them tried to stay out of the rain. Goofs.
Then home for a hot shower and a hot tea. It took about 2 hours to feel my finger tips again.
I saw this running joke and as inappropriate as it is, it cracked me up 
The kiddos actually asked to run hills the following week! Um, yes! 

Monday, November 2, 2015


I started the weekend out with a paint nite with the girls.
My friend that I met from the credential program came in and taught us how to paint our canvas.

The hubs and I started Halloween day with a 4 mile run. He's working his way up to a 10k in 2 weeks. 

Then a win for the boys' football teams and Mady's volleyball team.

Then The Addams Family play with the kiddos.
Followed by nachos and trick or treating 
Next capsule wardrobe: skinnys, a black tank and jacket with flats.
Running plans/goals:
Mon: 7 mi. hills
Tues: easy run day
Wed: speed on the track
Thurs: long run
Fri: speed on the track
There's a 100% chance of rain today and we're running dirt hills. Haha. Wish us luck!

Capsule Wardrobe

I'm going to give this whole capsule wardrobe a go. I'm still waiting on a few items, but so far so good. Step #1 cleaning out my closet! 
5 bags of clothes later, eek.

Here's outfit #1
Tomorrow won't count because I'm dressing up for Halloween but I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes!

Trying on clothes is always fun!
And how I finished off my night
Those are some nice blisters on my feet!

Week in running so far:
M: 6.5 miles of hill repeats
T: easy 2 miles with hubs
W: easy 2 miles with hubs & 1 mi warmup with my runners 
Th: 9.5 miles - annual Shafter run
Tomorrow is track repeats and Sat will be another run with the hubs. He's working on running a 10k by 11/14. 

As fun as the run was, it's got me feeling like 
Dory is trying to comfort me. I wish I could nail down these dumb stomach issues!

Happy Friday Eve!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back At It

I did an easy run yesterday, 3.25 @ 8:18. My legs were super heavy, but it felt great to move them! 

Yesterday was extremely hard to push through! 
This sums up how I felt ALL day. I think I'm just lacking sleep from traveling and having a busy weekend. But how cute is my Nike sweatshirt?!

I was able to download my race pics, for free! The bad part was that my bib was pushed to the side so I had to sift through thousands of pictures to find mine. And let's be real, I had to crop all of them because I had major crotch sweat going on. Eww and TMI.

And I may never take off my necklace!
I am doing an ornament craft for A Meaningful Christmas so I am responsible for "Go and Tell." I like the idea of making shepherds out of cupcake liners but I can't imagine making 25 of them, so it might be printouts, wood, and modge podge.
Happy Wednesday!