Saturday, May 24, 2014

So excited!!!

Just saw this on my news feed...
So flipping excited!!! I'm pretty sure I talked my BFF into flying out to join me! Fingers crossed we get in!

My mom introduced me to "curling" my lashes. You blow dry your curler and then curl. Awesome.
Sorry for the mega close up. 

Off the family's cabin this weekend to help clean and get ready for burn season. Yippee. 

Thankful for our soldiers on this Memorial weekend. My youngest was born on Memorial Day almost 7 years ago. As he was being born, God Bless America was playing in the background. Pretty cool memory.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


We watched 3 extra kids this weekend
They are too precious! And they make me thankful we only have 3 ;)

Today was a bike day.

New glasses:
Kind of hard to tell, but they are purple :)

I listened to a keynote speaker Brian Hooks
This is him on the right in Fool's Gold. Anyway, he had lots of good stories and the kids asked him who was the most famous person he had met. He said Oprah and Michael Jackson and he had a funny story about Oprah and how he met her on the set for Beloved and he thought her feet were nasty but it was really all makeup and he was so glad because with that many resources, one should not have such nasty feet. Then I look down and see this

That's not makeup. That's a dirty classroom + sandals. As my 10 year old used to say "bisgusting!"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ah Saturday

I didn't sleep in. I like to get most of my running in before the family is up. My internal clock had me up at 5:45, not bad considering I'm up at 4:15 during the week. As much as I didn't want to drag myself out of bed for 7 miles, I couldn't be anything besides blessed when I saw this
And then I filled my fridge with this
And I'm beginning to plan our costumes for the Dumbo Doubledare in August.

Can you guess which character..?
And now off to watch The Pirate Fairy with the littles :) Ah, Saturday. I really like you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Surgery & Cleaning

The hubs had cataract surgery this morning, so my sister came over at 6 to watch the littles and take them to school so that I could take hubs.
And yes, I stayed in yoga pants all day.
I did also manage to do a T25, 2 mile walk, clean the house, and do laundry. Most of which was done while the hubs slept off the anesthesia. 

Follow up for my surgery today.
I planned an entire Pokemon birthday party in the 1hr 46min I waited to see the doctor. Good news is I'm released from his care! And I learned that I have an extra hole in my index finger because I noticed there were 3 lines across that finger on the X-Ray instead of 2 (I had 2 pins) and I asked why. Apparently he didn't like the placement of the first one he put in, so he re-did it. 

And how the hubs has to sleep for the next two nights

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fav Race Photo

I love that even though my legs aren't skinny, they are strong! And I'm even smiling - even if it's because I can see the finish line!

Mama's Day

We started our Mother's Day celebration on Friday night with my mama and MIL. We got MIL these
Along with a coupon for a date night with my hubs (she's not married and loves spending time with her only son).

We got my mama a bag of her favorites: licorice, Abba Zabba bar, and a People magazine along with a coupon for a foot massage and dinner with me.

I am so grateful that my MIL raised her son the way she did. She had a lot going against her, but she poured everything she had into her kiddos. I'm so glad she did because my husband wouldn't be the  man he is without her.

The hubs let me sleep in and he got me a favorites bag!
And these that I've been lusting after
We also went to my fav Chinese place and vegged for the rest of the day. Lovely. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favs!

I think I might be in love!!
This is my first time in Asics and my feet feel like they are on pillows!

I'm digging my Raw Meal chocolate protein shakes :)

Cheers from my speech competition in Santa Maria...

And the text I got from hubs after I sent him the above picture

Haha, crazy eyes. Love that man!


I didn't realize it had been so long! Time for an update :)

1/2 marathon in SLO last weekend 

And I totally have running shorts envy 
1:55 total time. Crazy hills. It was a blast! 

Finished by a tour at the Firestone Brewery :)