Friday, December 26, 2014

Traditions and the Best Breakfast Ever

Some of our current traditions: getting hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights, Chinese food with the inlaws on Christmas Eve, reading the Night Before Christmas, reading the story of Jesus' birth, homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, and building Gingerbread houses. 

Some things I would like to add for next year: hanging of the green at our church, candy cane hunt, adopting a family... What else?

The kids got iPods for Christmas and they were pretty stocked! 
I had this for breakfast and looking at it makes me hungry all over again 
I went to the podiatrist last week and it's for sure plantar fasciitis. It was interesting to look at the ultrasound of my foot because I could definitely see the inflamed tendon. The plan for now is oral cortisone, a night splint 
and lots of icing
This bottle is 1/3 rubbing alcohol and 2/3 water. I put it in the freezer and it doesn't freeze into a solid mass due to the alcohol, so it's nice and pliable. And Dr. Z said to never ever go bare foot. He warned me that I am genetically predisposed to it because of the shape and angle of my foot and ankle.

The next step will be shock wave therapy and physical therapy. He said his first step would be shock wave but it's super expensive, so we'll hold off a bit. He also mentioned getting orthotics for a long term benefit.

I am already feeling a significant improvement; I don't know if it's my new supportive shoes, the cortisone, the boot, or a mixture of all 3, but I'll take it! 

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