Friday, December 12, 2014


It's been a few days ;) Between 11/19-1/3, we have 6 birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

My sis turned 50 and we had a big shin dig at our house 
I think my introverted sister (I am too, so I can say it :) enjoyed herself! 

The hubs and I have been training pretty well, until Sunday morning when I woke up with some crazy heel pain :(
I've been rolling it out with ice and my chiropractor adjusted it. I have minimal pain 5 days later, so we're going to attempt a run this weekend. The bad thing is that it's not super painful while I'm running, it's afterwards.

Here's what I wore for sister's party.

The best part of our tree is the topper!! 
Mady girl had her choir concert last night 

We took the kids to Taco Bell since it was a crazy night and I got the best sauces! For those of you who don't know, I'm left handed and only 5'4".

Let the bday celebrations begin! I'll be 33 tomorrow. We're starting the day with our attempted run (10 miles), passing out Christmas boxes with our church, driving an hour and a half to my fav restaurant and finishing off the night with our Sunday School Christmas party.

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