Sunday, December 28, 2014

Even Runners Have Bad Runs

12 miles in the books this morning. It sucked. Every minute of it. This was my first really cold, long run. Last winter, I would run later in the day so it wasn't as bad, but now that the hubs is going with me, we go super early so we can be back early and get our family time in. Between the PF and having a bit of a cold, my foot still hurts and my lungs are still burning. Ick. 

But our pace was okay and this sunrise

And this is how I want to spend the rest of my Sunday 
We both got royally hooked up by a former student at the shoe store yesterday. 
I'm rotating between Brooks Trancends and Saucony ISO Triumphs. My long run was in the Sauconeys today because I haven't broken in the Brooks yet.

And one of my favorite gifts from the hubs.
He really is the best.

Have an amazing Sunday!!

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  1. I remember when my bf and I would get in a morning long run and then sit on the couch the rest of the day. Running with a significant other is sometimes tricky! I used to get all emotional when I ran and wasn't very nice!