Sunday, December 14, 2014

Birthday Weekend

I decided to skip the run yesterday morning. We still handed out boxes from our church, came home and had lunch, and napped. We headed out to look at new shoes. I'm hoping to find an easy fix for this silly heel pain. I ultimately decided to wait until I talk to the foot doctor before getting new shoes, because what he says will determine the type of shoes I need.

Friday night, we took our friend's kiddos to look at Christmas lights so they could go on a date. We also took my four year old niece. The kids had a great time, but my niece woke up sick on Saturday, so I made her this video.

The Christmas party was fun and we even got to wear our pj's!

Sunday morning we woke up and went on our run. I still feel some pain in my heel, it's more like a bruise and I made sure to ice it the second we got home. Our pace was great, average of 8:35 for 10 miles. We also had negative splits, which is nice. About 6 miles into our run, we stopped to ask a little old lady if she was okay, she looked a little discombobulated. Apparently, she found a brand new iPhone in the street and had no idea what to do with it, so the hubs and I offered to try and find the owner. Siri wouldn't give us any info other than the name of the owner and he happened to have a FB, so the hubs messaged him and told him to call his phone so that we could get it back to him. We've yet to hear from him, so I'm thinking maybe he doesn't even know his phone is missing. Crazy.

I'm going to cancel my foot appointment tomorrow and schedule with a different doctor. One of my friends just got a jones fracture that required surgery, so he met with multiple doctors around town and I want to schedule with the one that he was most impressed with.

The hubs planned for me to go shopping with my girlfriends today since we didn't make it out of town yesterday (nap > going out of town for shopping). Happy shopping ;)

Enjoy your Sunday!!

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