Monday, October 13, 2014

Boot Camp & I've been missing out!

The hubs and I signed up for boot camp. We'll suffice it to say that Ray came home and went back to bed before work... And I felt pretty legit after this

And I cannot believe I didn't know this existed until now
And it's amazing on top of pumpkin pancakes

This kind of made my day
Love purple :)

Copied this from Pinterest 

And B Man's fav gift so far (he's 9 tomorrow!!) A wubble bubble. 

And apparently 2 days at Magic 
Mountain does this to your feet. Ouch!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Last race this season..?

I started a 3 part series in February with a broken hand. I had already paid for it so I figured, why not? I walked 80% of it and finished in just under 3 hours. And it was an all down hill course ;) I ran my 2nd 1/2 of the year in April and got a 2:01. I ran the 2nd part to the series and got a 2:01. I ran Disney in August and got a 2:01. Do you see the trend here? I was determined to get below a 2:00 this weekend and I finished in 1:55. That said, I'm a little over running right now and will be persuing some crossfit/boot camp type workouts because I am ready for a new challenge ;)

Kaitlyn on the left PR'd by 20 min and Nate on the very right ran his first 1/2 marathon today and he never stopped!
My GPS wasn't picking up on my watch so it's a few seconds off. I should also mentioned that the hubs ran the 2nd part of the series and got a 2:09 and he totally finished about 15 seconds faster than me today. Woop woop!!