Sunday, August 31, 2014

Disney Dumbo Double Dare

About 1 1/2 years ago, the hubs made me a certificate for a Disney race :)

We finally got in this last February to the Dumbo Dare, 10K on Sat & a 1/2 marathon on Sunday. The hubs pr'd! 54 for the 10k and 2:01 for the 1/2! Woohoo!!

And refueling with this :)
And this may have happened this weekend

Monday, August 25, 2014

Another race!

School is going great all around :) 

I saw this on FB...
So, of course I already booked my plane ticket. Umm, running + my BFF = heck yes!!

I also found an old saved album with a few gems...
He's 7 now!! And this pic
We both look like babies. Love.

We have our 19.3 miles this weekend!! I'm super excited to run this race with the hubs, it'll be our 2nd half together. And we plan on spending the rest of our weekend laying out by the pool and shopping ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

1st Day

And mine and the hubs' first day :) We even got to carpool. It was pretty awesome!

4.5 miles before the sun came up. We saw a skunk kind of hopping away from us while we were running. Whew! I'm glad it hopped away and we didn't scare it.

1st day of teaching this year, 179 to go ;)

And this for dessert 
School days are going to take some getting used to!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

First 1/2

My girl friend had to back out of a 1/2 for work :( Boo! So, she gave the hubs her bib. He's training for a Disney 10K + 1/2 at the end of the month so he had built up 10 miles and decided to go for it!
This was the scenery for a good part of the run. We stayed together for the 1st 2 miles or so. There were 2 gnarly hills. One at mile 5 and another at mile 10. The last 3 were all down hill and it was beautiful. There were so many aide stations that I lost count. 
He finished in 2:10!

It was honestly one of the toughest runs I have done because of the heat and hills.

I finished in 2:01, which is not a PR by any means but I was glad to have gotten it done!

I think I may have talked him into signing up for the last run of this series: judgement day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What I'm going to be better at this school year

1. I'm going to delegate home stuff more and ask for help.
2. I'm going to go to more of the kids' stuff (awards, parties, etc.) - which is more possible because I work about 1 mile from their school now.
3. I'm going to focus more on my classroom than my own education since I'm almost done with my masters (minus my thesis).
4. I'm going to reflect more on my teaching. What am I doing well? What should I change? What am I naturally good at?
5. Love and pray for my students.

Back to work!!

Summer is officially over :(

But the good news is that I am at the school of my dreams alongside some great friends and the hubs! Today was our first day back for meetings and to say I'm tired is quite the understatement.

Last weekend we hit up Six Flags because the kids earned free tickets.
This pic was taken right before X2, which is the scariest roller coaster I've ever been on. Luke (on the left) was bribed with Minecraft and shockingly, he actually rode it!

I've been keeping up on training. Last weekend was a 10 miler with the hubs at a 9:15 pace and this sunrise 
Tuesday was a 2 mile job/exercise followed by an 8 mile bike ride along the same path as above and I swear the sunrise was even prettier!
Wednesday was a 3 mile jog with no GPS watch because I wanted to take it nice and easy since I'm tapering for my race this weekend and didn't want to be tempted by the slowness ;)
Thursday will be a 5 miler. I'm going with DH who is on a different training schedule because his race isn't until the end of the month. After this weekend we'll be back on track.
Then my race is on Saturday morning! Woohoo! I read that it's supposed to be super hot but the weather app says a low of 66, which is better than I've seen here all month! Fingers crossed that it stays nice.

My babies start 5th, 4th, and 2nd grade on Monday. Holy cow, I still remember thinking that I wouldn't cry when my oldest started kindergarten. The superintendent spoke at her orientation and he had just seen his daughter off to college and he got a little choked up, which of course made me choke up and now she's going to be in 5th grade!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Girl's Beach Weekend

We were blessed by Nicole's parents who let us stay at their beach house this last weekend. 10 lovely ladies from our Sunday School 
The house was amazing! Bleached barn wood floors. And this view 
Seriously, some of the best ladies!
Beach, spa, running, chit chatting, no chasing children, staying up late, and eating yummy food = a perfect weekend.

And we got to celebrate Nicole's new baby boy! Isn't she gorgeous?!

12 mile beach run with a great girl! Awesomeness.
And now back to this