Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last Leg

We got to see Grandma and 3 uncles, 4 cousins, and an aunt in OK. 
Their dog was awesome
And downtown Guthrie was pretty cool
We tried Braum's. It was yummy! Chicken sandwich and Reese's ice cream :)

Then on to Flagstaff to visit our other Grandma!
I found an awesome trail near our hotel
1 1/2 miles up the mountain :) Total of 4 miles @9:30. Yup, that sounds slow but did I mention Flagstaff is 7200ft elevation!

Now we are on our last leg of our trip in Lake Tahoe, California! It's beautiful and so much cooler here. We're planning on doing a lot of relaxing here. But first our long run
9 miles at 6200ft elevation. I cried at mile 8.5 because I couldn't catch my breath. We did 3 miles this morning at 9:10 which is still slower than my normal but I'm not pushing anything crazy in this altitude. We still have 8 miles for this week and I'll probably wait until we get back home to do the next long run :) I'm hoping it'll feel easy after all these crazy running conditions we've experienced.

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