Saturday, July 26, 2014

Home sweet home

This last week has been vacation detox! Clocked 18 miles :) And the hubs is coming home from work training for the weekend so we get to do our long run together. I'm only scheduled for 6.2, but he is scheduled for 10 so I will most likely skip my 3 miles on Sat and run with him instead. I'm so glad to see him after a week and 2 days!!

Outfits for our Disney run:
The hubs has coordinating shirts ;)

Minor fender bender Wed night. I was side swiped as I was backing out. The boy/man who hit me felt terrible. Only $1100 worth of damage to my car but his bumper was in his tire. Boo!

Then I had a swollen lymph node the next day, the doctor assured me it's completely unrelated to the accident and tested me for Valley Fever. He offered muscle relaxants, no thank you ;) There's a difference between pain and soreness. I'll take soreness any day. 

I also rubbed a blister on the side of my boob from chaffing. That's never happened before!

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