Thursday, July 31, 2014


My test results for Valley Fever are negative :) I'm following up with my gp next week.

I got a new job!! Well, the same job (teaching) at a new school. I will now be teaching at the school in the community in which I live and my kiddos will attend, and the hubs works there too. I am beyond excited for this new opportunity. But with a new opportunity comes moving a classroom and planning for two grade levels that I have never taught before. My anxiety has been a little through the roof. However, my classroom is now set up and my master's classes are finished (except for my thesis, which I will write in the fall). Here's Dory helping me finish up at midnight last night.

Did I mention that I also threw together (with the help of some awesome ladies) a baby shower in less than 24 hours?? Our hostess got really sick so I stepped in. I'm happy with how it turned out with such little planning time.

Because I'm sleeping so terribly, I haven't felt much like running :( I've hit the treadmill a couple of times this week and it will happen again today. I have a 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks, so I have to make sure this body is ready! 5 pace miles today. NBD.

After finishing up my classroom yesterday, this was our reward.

I'm pretty sure we'll have to follow suite today :) 

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