Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer work outs

My BFF and running partner asked if I wanted to work out across town at 4:30am. Um no, it's summer, crazy. And I'm a teacher. Then I guilted myself into it and while I was at it, I hit up the grocery store at 5:45. Awesome. And empty!

Then I did 45 min of spin and 45 min of lifting. Oh yeah, and 3 miles of speed wrk while I was waiting on the class to start. Holy cow. I think I just killed myself.

This for lunch
And I ate every last bite. I'm waiting for my taco order for dinner... And Greek yogurt with strawberries for breakfast + a banana. Yum. I'm sure I will be starving tomorrow too. The plan is 9 miles tomorrow. I love summer!!

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