Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Surgery & Cleaning

The hubs had cataract surgery this morning, so my sister came over at 6 to watch the littles and take them to school so that I could take hubs.
And yes, I stayed in yoga pants all day.
I did also manage to do a T25, 2 mile walk, clean the house, and do laundry. Most of which was done while the hubs slept off the anesthesia. 

Follow up for my surgery today.
I planned an entire Pokemon birthday party in the 1hr 46min I waited to see the doctor. Good news is I'm released from his care! And I learned that I have an extra hole in my index finger because I noticed there were 3 lines across that finger on the X-Ray instead of 2 (I had 2 pins) and I asked why. Apparently he didn't like the placement of the first one he put in, so he re-did it. 

And how the hubs has to sleep for the next two nights

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