Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mama's Day

We started our Mother's Day celebration on Friday night with my mama and MIL. We got MIL these
Along with a coupon for a date night with my hubs (she's not married and loves spending time with her only son).

We got my mama a bag of her favorites: licorice, Abba Zabba bar, and a People magazine along with a coupon for a foot massage and dinner with me.

I am so grateful that my MIL raised her son the way she did. She had a lot going against her, but she poured everything she had into her kiddos. I'm so glad she did because my husband wouldn't be the  man he is without her.

The hubs let me sleep in and he got me a favorites bag!
And these that I've been lusting after
We also went to my fav Chinese place and vegged for the rest of the day. Lovely. 

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