Tuesday, May 20, 2014


We watched 3 extra kids this weekend
They are too precious! And they make me thankful we only have 3 ;)

Today was a bike day.

New glasses:
Kind of hard to tell, but they are purple :)

I listened to a keynote speaker Brian Hooks
This is him on the right in Fool's Gold. Anyway, he had lots of good stories and the kids asked him who was the most famous person he had met. He said Oprah and Michael Jackson and he had a funny story about Oprah and how he met her on the set for Beloved and he thought her feet were nasty but it was really all makeup and he was so glad because with that many resources, one should not have such nasty feet. Then I look down and see this

That's not makeup. That's a dirty classroom + sandals. As my 10 year old used to say "bisgusting!"

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