Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One handed blogging & DDD

I haven't blogged in a bit, but I have a very good reason…
Beware, if you are sensitive do not scroll down and look at the following picture...

My knee after the fall...
My left hand after the fall...
And the button to describe my epic fall
Essentially, I got spooked and turned to run as fast as I could and tripped and fell on my hand and knees. Thankfully, I was with my friends who is a nurse and she recognized that I was going into shock so she gave me her jacket to cover up my hand. She got me safely to the hubs who immediately took me to the emergency room. After a couple of hours, they put my hand into a splint and gave me morphine. The doctor described my x-ray as "jacked up." Basically, my index metacarpal is broken in about three different places and is going to require surgery this week. 

Of course my first and only question for my doctor was "when am I going to be able to run?" I am currently signed up for a half marathon in one and a half weeks. He said no way to running it, but he thought that walking it would be perfectly okay. So, walking is the plan. 

This is what my fingers looked like after walking 4 miles last night... And it took me 63 minutes. Double oy!
And for some good news, the hubs signed us up for the Dumbo double dare at Disneyland in August!! Basically, we will run a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. Last Valentine's Day the hubs promised to train and run a half marathon with me at Disneyland so this will fulfill that promise. I am already planning our costumes. I'm thinking Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!

And now for my week in pictures…

Before the break, shirt is from forever 21, cardigan is from gap, the scarf is from target.
We were measuring out the area of our tent to make sure that we would fit for our camping trip... We did
I missed our 12 mile run at the beach, however Amy did not and I was able to cheer her on!
The cat is enamored by my splint
Sorry it's blurry, but this will be my friend for the next several weeks as I walk.

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