Monday, January 20, 2014

Bum Wrap

The championship game did not go as planned so I commiserated with the hubs over Oreos 
Today was a ton of laundry (7 loads). I swear I just did laundry. And lots of errands 
Love Costo! I ordered their chicken Caesar salad and it was pretty good, very light on the dressing.
I also ordered real sleeping bags for our camping trip this weekend (& road trip this summer!)
They are definitely not $200 sleeping bags so hopefully we'll be okay in 30-40 degree weather. Prior to this we owned a single adult sleeping bag that my father in law bought for the hubs for his 6th grade school camping trip, 22 years ago! And we had bought the kids nylon super hero type bags so these should be awesome in comparison. We are now debating whether a 4 person dome tent will be big enough for all of us. 
The hubs called my hair sassy today. I kind of like it :)

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