Sunday, December 15, 2013

What started the madness...

I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon in 2009 after delivering surro twins via c-section. I knew that I needed to step it up a gear to get myself back into shape and the gym wasn't giving me the inspiration I craved. Well, it turned into a big fat fail as I chickened out and barely trained for the race.

Fast forward 3 years and a full time job later and I decided to go for it again and sign up for a race in SLO, City to the Sea. I signed up with only four weeks left before the race and ran it in 2:01.

One minute shy of my goal time. This meant that the night of my race, I already knew I had to sign up for another one so that I could get that goal time. So I did, and I did. I ran Santa to the Sea five weeks later from Oxnard to Ventura and I PR'd at 1:54.

When 2013 rolled around, I decided that I wanted to sign up for two 1/2 marathons and a full marathon. I did and I did. The first 1/2 was the Nike Women's in San Francisco, and if you ever get the chance you must run this.

I cried crossing the finish line because I realized that I had PR'd without ever thinking that I would. The hills are gnarly to say the least and I honestly never thought or expected that it could happen. I ran it in 1:53.

My next race in 2013 was along the Guadalupe River in TX. This race was solely focused on getting to run with my BFFs. She PR'd by a crazy amount and I got to spend my first 1/2 marathon without music and with my bestest friends. It was awesome.
And lastly for this year, I ran a full marathon in Fresno on 11/3/2013. My original goal was under 4:30 and it slowly moved to closer to 4:00 and I finished in 4:02. The course was miserable and the last 10 miles were soooo boring and uphill (Who does that?!) but I made it. The training was brutal, especially because I try and fit most of my runs in before the kiddos and up and at 'em, so I was leaving the house most days between 4-5am. Would I change it? Absolutely not. And yes, I wore my medal for the whole entire day. And my finisher's sweatshirt the whole next day. And even though it's not the cutest sweatshirt, I still wear it. Often.

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