Monday, December 16, 2013

Hot chocolate and shopping

Today started with 4 miles mixed with push-ups, plank punches, jump kicks, and plank leg pull ups every 3 minutes. It was a warm morning at 40 degrees!
My girl had her speech tournament and placed 4th! She cried because she didn't place top 3. Sad day, but a lesson in being humble (for both of us!) 

Lunch was leftover Thai food while grading...
Then I met the fam at the grocery store (I loathe the grocery store but especially during this time of year). The hubby needed hot chocolate for a "cocoa and cram" finals study event at his school tomorrow. I took the middle to buy an ornament for his ornament exchange and came home to realize that I forgot lettuce for pork salads... Thank goodness for my rock star hubby for running back to the store... It was worth it!
And the I realized I forgot the hot chocolate for his work tomorrow... And back to the store I went. That's okay, I decided to pick up apple juice so I could try out this apple pie on rocks recipe.
It was pretty good!
1 oz fireball
1 oz vanilla vodka
4 oz apple juice
A pinch of cinnamon
Garnish with a stick of cinnamon 

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