Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday's Favorite Recipe

I am finally feeling about 80% normal. Holy cow, this crud about knocked me out! And then I think about people who are chronically ill or who have chronic pain and I realize that it could be SOOO much worse.

I managed to work out three times this week which is a huge improvement over last week! I did a 3 mile run on Monday, then boot camp on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I am planning on another easy jog after work today and then a 4-6 mile run on both Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I'll get a little crazy and run to boot camp, do a work out, and then run home :) That would put me at about 9 miles, but it would be fun!

The poor hubs was out of town Monday night - Wednesday night and when he got home, I felt completely useless, which is not what I was hoping for especially after being sick for so long! I decided to go and get the cough medicine my doctor had prescribed and I took it Wednesday night and I slept (almost) through the night for the first time in almost a week! Yay! Then I felt like a million bucks on Thursday :) And my kids even cleaned the kitchen last night to earn extra electronic time (minus the arguing..)
I'm so glad we were able to get some extra time together last night and even watched the last episode of This is Us while the kiddos finished up their chores and electronic time.

Lukey made it on the Principal's list for his grades and they are doing an award's assembly at school today because I've had to call in sick so much that I decided it was best if I don't go :( Insert major mom guilt! I did get to talk to him before school today and I told him that he gets to pick dinner and a treat tonight. So, dinner is going to be chocolate chip pancakes and I'm guessing he's going to pick homemade kettle corn for a treat!

Here's my recipe:
1/3 c popcorn
3 tbsp oil
1/3 c sugar

Put the oil & popcorn in a big stock pot, once you hear the first kernel pop, dump in the sugar. Cover with a lid and shake it around every few seconds until all of the kernels have popped. It's so easy and yummy but if you do it right, you might be a little sweaty when you're done doing the sugar shake, LOL.

What are your Friday night plans? 
Any awesome recipes to share? 
Do you feel like your motivation changes during certain times of the year? 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

My Guide to the Flu

Monday - Wednesday’s work out plans went great! Monday - legs at boot camp, Tuesday - abs at boot camp, Wednesday - group run then I was off to jury duty. Jury duty went well, with a 2 1/2 hr lunch, and an interesting case afterwards and I was instructed to come back on Thursday. However, I woke up at 11:30 feeling disoriented and clammy with a 103.6° fever so it was off to urgent care and I got a note clearing me for four days so I had to call jury services. Ugh, I was actually kind of hoping to serve on the jury. Ha, I’m probably one of few who wanted to serve and was sooo disappointed to get sick! So, Thursday - Sunday the only working out I’ve done is my 50 push ups (modified) and walking from my bed to the couch. I did (barely) manage a bath yesterday 😏 

So, the doctor prescribed Tamiflu which she said would probably take about a day and half off of my overall sick time, 800mg Ibuprofen, and cough medicine. My insurance doesn’t cover Tamiflu and the doctor said everyone would probably be out of it anyway because the flu is so widespread right now. A friend recommended Oscillococcinum and while it’s weird (little pebbles that melt in your mouth) I think it helped as well as Tamiflu would have and it’s much more natural with no side effects.

For some reason water tasted horrible so I got liquids in any way I could which means Gatorade and DDP 😍

And lots and lots of kitty cuddles

And while I didn’t have a cough when I originally went in, I woke up on Saturday with major tightness and some pain in my chest so I got extra strength Mucinex and I definitely took something to help me sleep. 

I’ve also confined myself to one spot on the couch and my bed and I’m Lysoling everything at least twice a day!

4 days later, I can actually move! No body aches or fever today 🙌🙌🙌 So, running is back on the agenda for tomorrow. 

Today is re-washing sheets, blankets, and towels!!

Stay safe and healthy! 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Quote to Live By

Happy long weekend!! It was so nice to have a day off after coming back from Christmas break, it kind of helps ease us back in.

Saturday's run was so foggy! I literally had to watch my feet the first 10-15 min or so. And my hair was soaking wet afterwards! We spent the day watching Harry Potter, cooking chili, and doing laundry :) Super fun!

Sunday was a sleep in, rest day. The hubs' ankle is still really bothering him and sporadically swelling, so it was an impromptu rest day. I love that I can just take a rest day and it's really not a big deal since I'm not training for anything. Sunday started with coffee, bible reading, and kitty snuggles. She thinks she's a person.

We finished up the day with church, grocery shopping, and family dinner. We almost always have the in-laws and family over on Sunday afternoon and the hubs smokes chicken and we roast veggies almost every single week. We always make extra so that we have meals left for the week. Win win!

Monday started at the gym for strength training (legs!) followed by a fast/hard mile and 50 pushups at home. We are doing an 18K challenge, which basically means 50 pushups each day for the year :)

We then took the kiddos to see Jumangi, which was fun but also questionable for 10-13 year olds, as they definitely picked up on some of those adult jokes. 

I am trying to have at least 1 family over each week for dinner :) So, we invited our co-teachers from our Sunday school class over for stuffed shells, garlic bread, and salad. P.S. I made these stuffed shells for the hubs' birthday on Jan. 2nd and I tripled the recipe so that I could make a couple of freezer meals, so basically I took the shells out of the freezer and popped them in the oven for an hour. So easy and yummy!!

A quote I ran across today is "Done is better than perfect." I am naturally a type A person and I want to do everything to the best of my ability, but I am coming more and more to the understanding that getting it done is better than focusing on it being perfect, whether it be a meal or having the perfect house, perfect devotion, perfect workout. The more I focus on just getting it done, the better it will be :)

Do you have a favorite quote? 
Did you get MLK Day off from work? 
What is the best movie you have seen lately? 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My week in eating & working out

I have once again come to the conclusion that my gut health is strongly connected with what I am putting into my body and while I am not allergic or even sensitive to some things, I am figuring out what makes my gut happy. One major thing is that I cannot overeat at all. Ever. This doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but I really struggle with this when I am putting in a lot of miles because I am starving! It feels a little easier right now since I'm not training for anything yet.

I am also playing with intermittent fasting, by which I mean fasting everyday for 16 hours and then eating for 8 hours. Well, not for 8 hours but in that time period. Most days this looks like eating my first meal between 10-11, which is usually some kind of veggie and hummus, lunch around 12, which is usually a big salad with some kind of lean protein and no gluten or very little gluten, then eating dinner around 5:30, which is typically some kind of roasted vegetable or salad and then whatever I am serving my family, which this week has been tuna melts on whole wheat English muffins with avocado and plain greek yogurt instead of mayo, chicken salad with roasted veggies, taco soup, and a Cafe Rio chicken salad with no tortilla. One thing I really love about eating this way is that it keeps everything so simple. I have found that I do better when I have healthy things readily available (that I actually like), so I make sure to keep frozen veggies on hand for roasting, sweet potatoes for the same, chopped salad, and cut up veggies.

Easy afternoon snack: kombucha, hard boiled egg white and spicy tuna w/ plain Greek yogurt and bruschetta seasoning from Costco.

My biggest weaknesses are peanut butter pretzels and I'm also positive these things eat my stomach up, but they are such a good mixture of salty and sweet & ice cream, specifically Umpqua's peanut butter fudge. I don't have any ice cream on hand and won't be buying any in the near future and I am letting the kids eat the rest of the peanut butter pretzels. At least I get to watch them enjoy them! I have found plantain chips at the $.99 store and they seem to satisfy my need for salt without killing my stomach and honestly I can handle Halo Top as long as I don't over do it. And coffee and tea are a life saver!!

Okay, so working out. Like I mentioned, I am not currently training for anything but I would like to keep a base of 20-30 miles/week. I also started back to bootcamp this week since I want to build my strength and I kind of feel like I'm dying. Every single muscle in my body aches! So, that meant Monday - bootcamp (upper body + abs), Tuesday - bootcamp (legs + abs), Wednesday was supposed to be running but nope, body was too sore, although I did my 50 push ups to keep up with the 18K challenge for the year. Thursday - boot camp, Friday - running 6  miles with a running group. 

Check out those hills!! And almost 25 min in zone 5 for my heart rate!

Saturday will be a 7 mile hilly loop with a local running group and Sunday might just be a rest day.

If you’re a runner, do you strength train too? How often?
If you had to eat the same thing every day, what would it be?
If you had to choose between eating whatever you want and not gaining any weight or eating wherever you want for free, what would you choose?

Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekend Things!

The last month has felt like a whirlwind! I took almost 2 weeks off after the marathon and did my first longish run on Christmas Eve - 8 miles. I've since ran 9.25 miles but have definitely backed off some. My running goal right now is to keep a base (20-30 mi/wk). I really want to be able to run a 1/2 marathon at last minute notice. I am also working on running with a group 2-3 x's per week. My biggest fitness goal right now is strength training :) The hubs and I are back in bootcamp 3-4x's/week.

Weekend things: We finally went and saw The Greatest Showman and I think it might be one of my favorite movies! My 12 year old son walked out and said, "that was an amazing movie!". I downloaded the soundtrack and he rocked out to it on our way home from the beach. He's not typically my artistic/singing kiddo, so I was genuinely surprised that he loved it that much!

We headed over to the coast on Thursday morning after a quick 5 mile run, met up with friends for some play time and lunch at the park, saw The Greatest Showman and the hubs got a free dinner at his favorite clam chowder place since it was his birthday on 1/2! We originally planned to come over on Friday with friends, but decided to leave early and a get a hotel for Thursday night but then they asked us to come over early so we ditched the hotel and stayed with them. Yay for only having to unpack once!

Their kids are 3, 7, and 9 and ours are 10, 12, and 13 and they played so well together! I almost think they played better together than they do with kiddos their own age.

Friday we got to run with our friends while Mady watched the kiddos, 5 miles of clean air and crazy elevation! Then we headed to the barn and the beach. I don't think any of the kids argued at all, it was a miracle!! We hit up a little winery that had a wonderful Zin and had peacocks and dogs. The kids bought food for the peacocks and spent most of their time feeding them. Then back to the house for dinner, games, and pizookies. I highly recommend staying with a fire fighter. They can cook (& clean ;) really well! Ha.

Saturday was 6 miles on the beach. There were even 3 bathrooms along the route, 3!! Another miracle ;)

Then I took Mady into the village and we shopped and went through museums. It was a great Mommy/Daughter day!

Then back home for nacho, more games (I need to buy Bananagrams & Really Bad Art), and cookies. Just an FYI, if you don't have butter you can use plain Greek yogurt as a substitute :)

We headed home and Sunday and prepped for back to work/school the next day! I am already starting to think about spring break :)

Do you get time off at Christmas/New Years?
What are your running/work out goals this week? 
Best thing you ate this weekend? 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Merry Monday!

Can you believe we are only 1 week out from Christmas?? I finished wrapping and putting bows on everything yesterday afternoon. And then I found a bag of wrapped stuff for the kids and I said 'forget it.' They'll get it wrapped but not bowed :) My mom has always wrapped the prettiest gifts and I feel compelled to do the same but sometimes I have to make time for more important things/people.

Friday night we had our niece, so we took her to a local yogurt place because Santa was there and there were elves doing magic tricks. My niece couldn't understand how Santa could take off his beard and she was so confused that he thought she was my daughter because Santa is supposed to know everything!

The hubs and I managed to get 5 miles in between making cinnamon rolls and peppermint bark.
This is what happens when you run while letting your cinnamon dough rise.

I made about 7 dozen cinnamon rolls :)
So this times about 11 round pans + one 13x9 pan full of cinnamon rolls. My house smelled amazing!!

Then the hubs and I headed out to a Christmas/Bday/Favorite Things/White Elephant party

With my bday twin

And the girls

Thankfully our running buddy agreed to a later run the next morning because we were zonked! 

After church we hit up Costco for some final Christmas lunch/party stuff and of course pizza! The hubs and I usually share a combo slice and I pick off the meat and give it to him and he gives me his onions = perfect match :) 

My dad would be so proud because Mady piles the sauerkraut on her Polish dog.

Any special Christmas traditions?
Do you cook for Christmas/New Years?
What do you eat for Christmas breakfast? 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Favorites

I have been obsesses with HEB's Houston Blend coffee! So much so that we brought back 70 pods and coffee beans from TX. I was so excited to find out that they can ship out product, but then I discovered that they ship to every other state, except for Cali!!
And I'm absolutely in love with these 32 Degrees sweaters and joggers from Costco. They not only fit fabulously, but they are so soft & comfortable and they are only $12.99! The hubs loves the men's joggers too and they have zippered pockets on the men's. I originally just ordered the white sweater, but I loved it so much that I went back and ordered the black and purple! You can order them HERE .
Another obsession I have are these peanut butter pretzels!!
I seriously have to just take a small serving; otherwise I will stuff myself on these things! 

Another one of my favorites right now is an Honey Crisp apple dipped in almond butter.

I am going to a favorite things/Christmas/Bday party on Saturday so for my favorite things I am bringing are Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo (OMG, it smells like the beach!)
And some lavender epsom salt 
We are also doing a white elephant gift so that the guys can be involved and I'm bringing a toilet light ;)

Something that I don't love is wrapping presents!! Anyone else feel me on that? Somehow this job has been delegated mostly to me. I don't know if it's the hubs' math background coming out, but he is slow and methodical and I'm over here like let's just get this done! So while he tutored for a few hours last night, I finished wrapping EVERYTHING! I have just 1 gift left and I need to buy colored pencils to go with it. 

What is your favorite/least favorite chore? 
Do you like wrapping presents? 
What would you bring to a favorite things party?