Thursday, July 20, 2017

Catching Up!

No excuses. I am exhausted and traveling semi-cross country in a Suburban with 3 littles is tough business!

Life: I have less than a month before going back to work! If you don't know, I teach high school English and coach xc. The hubs teaches math at the same school and will be coaching alongside me this year. I'm still somewhat in denial and I'm trying not to think about work yet! We got back from our trip Sunday night and of course the only traffic we hit was in Cali!

Unpacking and laundry for days!

Then on Tuesday, the hubs and I headed down to LA to get my touch up for my eyebrows (Casey Loza @ Spa Carmen is amazing!!!) So we decided to hit a 4Dx movie (Planet of the Apes) and go to Universal Studios. It was such a nice, peaceful time after nearly 4500 miles in the car with our kids ;) And then I missed the kids. How does that even work?!

This was Jurassic Park and I have never been so wet on a ride!

The hotel (Hilton Universal) gave us a map for a running route and we ran through a movie shoot (pretty cool!).

Running: We definitely kept up with running while on vacay because we're about 5 weeks away from marathon training. I am averaging between 30-40 miles a week right now and plan to peak around 70 miles in November.

Moving on: Now is the time that I planned on really trying to clean up my diet in preparation for marathon training. My stomach pretty much goes crazy when I run when I have had too much fat, sugar, or gluten. So I've decided that I'm not counting calories, macros, or weighing myself. I am basing how I eat on how I feel. I know what bothers my stomach and what works for me, so that's truly what I am focusing on :)

Happy Thursday!!

How often do you weigh yourself?
Are you running a fall half/marathon?
What is your favorite time of year for running?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Surviving the Heat & Humidity

For those of you who run in the more humid states, bless you. I typically do not. Heat ✅. I live in a valley that consistently hits triple digits during the summer months, but we have very little humidity. However, TX has both and that's where I've been running the last few weeks. So, a few things I've been using that help are:
1. Glide. I use this stuff everywhere ;)

2. I'm loving my Oiselle Long Roga shorts. They are long enough that my thighs don't chafe, they have pockets, and they can withstand the crazy amount of moisture in the air.

3. A Oiselle visor. I like how well it forms around my head but doesn't squeeze my head if that makes sense ;)

4. Sunscree is a must. I use Cerave with 50spf.

5. I've also been using a small handheld water bottle and Nuun. The hubs isn't a fan of Nuun because it's a little bubbly, but I like it and I can definitely feel an energy boost after drinking it :) He uses Mio with electrolytes and that works well for him.
6. #sportsbrasquad. For real. I haven't ran with a shirt for almost 2 full weeks and not only is it cooler, it's liberating, and I have less laundry to do 😂😂.

Have any tips for summer running?
What's the weather like where you are?

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Waco Vacay in Pics

Lots of visiting, game playing, water park going, eating, and running going on here.

Date night with the besties while my oldest watched 7 kiddos! Bless her.

She really is my mini-me. In all my glory and my sass. Again, bless her.

4th of July with my favorites

If you're ever in Waco try their iced vanilla latte.

Running in humidity is um lovely.

And TX bugs are vicious!

Notice the mosquito bite on my stomach :( And the immense moisture. Whew!

We've had some amazing sights and sunrises!

Where was your last vacation to?
Where has been your favorite vacation?
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Back to the Grind and My Week in Running

Ah, to be back on solid ground feels sooo good! We drove 4 hours from the ship to Waco and finished 5 (1 more to go) loads of laundry.

It's back to the grind for the most part today.

Running for the week:
Sun: 9 miles @ 80 min
Mon: 5 @ 45 min
Tues: 6 @ 50 min
Wed: 5 @ 43:30 min
Thurs: 6 @ 50 min
Fri: 4 @ 34:40 min
Sat: 1 mi @ 7:45 (to keep the streak!) Day 1️⃣0️⃣5️⃣!

All of these miles except Sat were ran on the treadmill on the ship.

Trip highlights: Monday we hung out on the beach, snorkeled, kayaked, paddle boarded, and played on blow up trampolines and slides in Cozumel.

Tuesday we rode ATVs, tubed in a cave, and ziplined in Belize.

Wednesday we held sloths, played with monkeys, and snorkeled in Mahogany Bay, Honduras.

Everyone, including animals love Ray. The monkeys fought over who would go in his shirt. Ha.

And now for more laundry and eating like normal people again!

Have you ever touched or held an exotic animal?
What's your favorite vacation?
Where haven't you gone, but want to?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thankful Thursday

1. Air conditioner
2. Treadmills - Not my favorite thing but when traveling and dealing with triple digits it's the best solution, especially when the gym opens at 5am before our 11 hour drive today.

I am a hot sweaty mess ;)

3. Books. In the car.

4. Hotels with free hot breakfast.
5. Prepackaged salads. Eating healthy while traveling can be a beast but this definitely made it easier this trip.
I tried the avocado ranch and tropical lime and the tropical lime was definitely my fav!

6. Self sufficient kiddos! They have homework, books, snacks, and technology in their backpacks and they handle everything themselves.
7. A husband who doesn't mind driving because I pretty much hate it.
8. Audibles. This did help when the hubs needed to nap and I needed to drive.
9. Blue Bell ice cream. We, of course had to buy some as soon as we entered Texas!

10. Our 10 year old Suburban! We usually drive our tiny little Prius and now that our kids are larger we thought this might be more comfortable and we were right! We've actually made the trip to TX three times in our Prius or in our Honda Civic with all 3 kids! That just seems crazy now ;)

What are you thankful for today?
What's your go to road trip food?
What's the longest you've ever driven?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Why do I run? It began as a way to lose weight after the last baby. I chose running because it challenged me in a way that other exercise didn't. Then in the fall of 2012, I ran my first 1/2 marathon. It was horrible and exhilirating. My body (and mind) wasn't prepared for the race. I decided to train about 4 weeks earlier, and prior to that I don't think I had ever ran more than 7 miles!

Here's proof that I lived through that first one!

I could barely walk for about 5 days after. I took about a month break and then did a color run with friends and it helped me to realize that running could actually be fun!

This was also the same year that I went back to work full time, so running also became therapy and 'me' time. My grandmother and my aunt passed away within a month of one another in December 2012 and January 2013 and I remember sobbing as I ran. That may sound terrible, but it's what my heart, mind, body, and soul needed. The physical exhaustion and time alone allowed me to process what I was going through.

In April 2013, the hubs did a 5k with me and he slowly but surely started to catch the bug.

In the fall of 2013, I ran my first full and the hubs ran the last several miles with me.

In so many ways, I feel like running is so much like life. It's almost never easy; it's extremely rewarding; it's challenging and sometimes fun; it's ever changing; sometimes you need a break from it; if you treat it well it'll do the same for you; there's so much it can teach you.

I have now completed 18 half marathons (two more coming this year), 2 full marathons (1 more this year), ran thousands of miles, made many friends, cried many tears, lauged, and realized how much my body and mind are capable of.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week in Review

I'm starting to think a little more about building a base for marathon training. What that means is I want to build to about 35 miles a week and build to a 10-12 mile long run. I've kept a longish run of about 7.5-8 miles and honestly, there's about 2.5-3 miles worth of uphill in that so I feel like it counts for more than a flat 7.5-8.

This week my mileage was 26.4 with 4 days of hills (T, F, Sa, Sun) and 3 days of boot camp/strength training.

It's not a wonder my legs are tired! I have a tendon that runs on the outside of my left ankle that is super tight. I'm guessing it's from all the pivoting while trying to dodge rocks when running downhill.

The best eat last week was definitely the vanilla/lemon cake from Jake's

The best workout was last Monday. It was a faster jog for the xc team and I threw in one mile of speed, then went to boot camp and it was all arms and I'm pretty sure my arms are still sore! Darn those TRX bands!

The best activity was laying in a float in the pool and reading a book! Well, that and being able to do laundry!!

The best purchase (besides the washer/dryer) might be this dress from Amazon for our cruise. LOL, don't mind the 'no makeup, I just really want to crawl into bed' look.

What are some of your favorites from this week?
What are 3 goals you have for this week?
Any trips planned soon?